*No longer for sale* Unreal Archviz Exterior and Interior Tutorial: The Garden Office

Unreal Archviz Tutorial

Course Description

This tutorial series builds upon the lesson 1-6 fundamental lessons and guides you step by step on creating an exterior and interior archviz scene - The Garden Office.

We will teach you how to set up the lighting required for a good exterior and interior scene and also some materials technique that we use to make more realistic looking materials.  

Check out the video teaser here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAHA85f_CzE

At the end of my course

1. Students will have a practical experience and understand the lighting setup needed in creating a good looking exterior+interior visualisation project.

2. Students will be able to take their Archviz work in 3ds max and transfer them into Unreal Engine 4 to make it 'Playable' in VR or touch based laptops

3. Students will be able to understand the general workflow of using the unreal engine 4 for their interior/exterior Archviz work.

4. Students will learn the different lighting methods use to light interior and exterior scenes

5. Students will learn various nodes in the material editor to create good looking materials

Who should take my course

1. 3d Artists, Environment Artists, Interior Designers, Architects, Game developers getting started with UE4.

2. Architect/Interior Design Students doing a final year piece


1. Basic 3d Modelling using 3ds max

For a more detailed breakdown of the tutorial subject, please refer to below. 

Lesson 7: Setting up Swarm Agent for faster light building/rendering

In this lesson, I will show you how we can use the swarm agent to hook up various PCs to help in the light building process (A.K.A Light Baking process). Getting good looking visualisations in UE4 requires lots of indirect lighting and shadow calculations. Setting up a 'Swarm' farm will help reduce the time needed for this process.

1) Reason and concept for 'Render Farm'

2) Downloading and Installing Unreal Engine on Slave PCS.

3) Choosing Swarm coordinator and checking the IP address

4) Configuring the Swarm.exe in Slave PCs

5) Testing your first build

Lesson 8: Building the interior and interior lighting

In this lesson, we will use the skills gained in the first 6 lessons to import and setup the materials for our interior scene. We will also discuss the lighting techniques we will use if we are doing a pure interior scene and some lightmass(UE4's global illumination solution) setting that is commonly used by artists to get realistic contact shadows.

I will also show how i manually unwrap some meshes to make an object look good without the need to increase its lightmap resolution.

1) Lesson 1-7 – Quick Recap of Past Lessons and use the lessons learnt to create interior scene.

2) Skylight with lightmass portal

3) World settings and Baselightmass.ini settings for realistic contact shadows.

4) Advanced Lightmass studies

5) Manually Unwrap UV lightmaps using pelt mapping

Lesson 9: Advanced Materials

In this lesson, we take our materials to the next level. I will show you some more commonly used materials that we can build for our project.

1) Tesselation and Bump Offset

2) Lerp and Clamp

3) Normal Multiplier

4) Base Material for instancing

5) Moire Effect

6) Our very own glass

7) Timelapse For Garden Office Interior

8) Mirror Material

9) Play video on computer screen

10) Vertex Painting

Lesson 10: Landscape and foliage tools

In this lesson, we begin to work on the exterior scene. I will show you how i create the grass material and a technique i use to remove the repeating pattern of the grass, so that it looks much more natural and real. I will also show you how we can optimize our trees for best visuals and best performance.

1) Landscape tools used in Garden Office

2) Grass materials – Advanced technique to remove tiling effect.

3) Trees from speedtree

4) Trees from 3dsmax

5) Wind animations on Non-Speedtree trees

6) Foliage tools

7) Time Lapse for The Garden Office Exterior

Lesson 11: Outdoor Lighting

In this lesson, i will show you the lighting setup that i use to light up our exterior scene. I will also discuss some of the techniques i use to remove the artifacts that arise due to the exterior lighting models that we use. I will also how we can turn off the outdoor lighting effect in real time when our actor goes indoor.

1) Introduction to outdoor lighting

2) DFAO and movable skylight

3) Artifacts due to DFAO

4) Replacement mesh to remove DFAO artifacts

5) Lightmass and outdoor lighting

Lesson 12: Final post process and optimization

Crank up the visuals by using post process techniques. I will show you how we can use our own LUT to create the mood we want, and how we can increase the sharpness of our scene so that it will look crisp and clear. I will also discuss some optimization techniques to increase the frame rates of our project.

1) Fog

2) Unsharp Masking

3) LUT

4) Other Post process settings used for the Garden Office

5) Optimizing trees using auto LOD reduction

6) Combining meshes to reduce draw calls

7) Post Process Volume for interior

8) Using bluprint to turn off Movable Skylight

Lesson 13: Sequencer and music for high quality animation

With the sequencer, we can now create beautiful animations in unreal engine without long render time. In this lesson, i will show you how we can use the sequencer tools to do that.

1) Music

2) Sequencer

3) Lens setting

4) Taking high resolution screenshots

5) Generating movies for further processing

Lesson 14: Presentation of projects

In this lesson, i will discuss how we can setup our project for various presentation. I will show you how we can present our project in a mobile phone using the appstream app. I will also show you how you can setup the project to control the movement using a controller. I will also show you how we can package our project for virtual reality.

1) Moving around using touch controls

2) NAV volume

3) Virtual Reality and controller settings

**Do note that Amazon Appstream has been discontinued, the portion on presenting our archviz project on Android/IOS will not be included. The tutorial price will be reduced to $95.**

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*No longer for sale* Unreal Archviz Exterior and Interior Tutorial: The Garden Office

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